The Artist's

The Artist's Machine was a studio exploring the use of electronics such as motors and sensors in interactive art. My work from the studio will be posted soon.

I made a Digital Dandelion, which answered your wishes when you blew on it by recommending websites that could help with your desires. If you chose "Love" when you blew on the dandelion it would direct you to, etc. Maybe more helpful, but much less romantic than it's analog counterparts scattering their seeds in the wind.

I also made a pair of glasses and a heart rate monitor to help people with difficulty with social skills, such as people with autism, in conversations. Two people wearing the glasses would be able to monitor their eye contact because while they looked at each other a light on the glasses was illuminated, when they broke eye contact the light would go off. There was also a heart rate monitor that would indicate if the person you were speaking to became more anxious or excited.